About me

Welcome to my place on the internet.  This is where I will share my thoughts on MarTech, OmniChannel, digital and business in general.

I’ve been a technlogy dude for a long time, in fact a good friend of mine and I were both kicked out of our High School computer class when we hacked the OS on the “new” Apple 2e. We changed all the error codes to something much more fun :-).

Today in addition to my primary job as a hubby and dad I am fortunate to lead the Marketing Technology team for Hallmark Cards.  I have the cool responsibility of bringing MarTech to Hallmark cards and driving overall sales.

I have done a number of cool things at Hallmark including leading the integration of online/offline data for multihannel analytics, starting an online business selling Print on Demand Greeting Cards, leading Digital Architecture and leading in the creation of some cool iPhone apps supporting new innovative products such as Hallmark Interactive Storybuddies.  On the “side” I am responsible the architecture and technologists developing new experiences for a small site known as www.hallmark.com.

Previously I spent several years at a start up Digital agency creating cool websites for several companies based in the midwest as well as a tour of duty at Sprint building datacenters for Internet Hosting.

I hope you enjoy the blog, feel free to follow and check back often.


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