Skip Change Management, not recommended…

Within any major initiative it seems one of the most overlooked yet extremely important steps is to manage the change to the teams. This is not exclusive to the impacted teams but also those that work with the teams both directly and indirectly. Many times a technology project is seen as the solution. Technology can be an enabler but rarely is it a stand alone solution.

Organizational Change Management is critical to any initiative success no mater the size of the initiative. One popular model of Change Management is ADKAR; Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, Reinforcement. This model is pretty straight forward and when reviewed seems like common sense. That said in my experience most organizations skip Change Management and just jump into the new world.

Personally, I have led enough projects that did not take Change Management seriously and we paid for it in lost productivity, employee turn over and overall employee dissatisfaction. Keep in mind it is not that employees do not want to change they, simply want to be a part of the process and the ADKAR model will help bring them along.

If you have Change Management in your organization, use them, if not the model is simple to follow (yet not for the weak at heart to implement) or there are a number of consultants that are ready and willing to help out. Using a model like this will pay dividends in the long term by better engaging your employees and letting them be a part of the change for long term improvement.


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