Todays Retail, Staying Relevant Part 2: Use your customer data everywhere

In today’s retail world many retailers have vast stores of consumer data yet they are not using it. One key tactic that can be leveraged by retailer is to use your known consumer data with a partner such as LiveRamp, Epsilon and Neustar to anonymize and find your consumers for your digital marketing tactics.

When a OmniChannel retailer uploads their customer e-mail and/or physical address with one of these companies marketers can find their consumers across demand side platforms such as TubeMogul and DoubleClick within Google Seach with their Google Customer Match integration and within social platforms such as facebook. If you start work with one of these vendors take the time to validate SOC 2  certification it will make your CISO much more comfortable when working with them.

Expect to see between a 20%-40% match rate (the number of consumers matched with your target destination) when you start. When you integrate the partner tags on your site expect your match rates to rise over time.

Leveraging your consumer data in this fashion enables your to find your consumers to market to them or and sometimes more importantly suppress them from an acquisition strategy so you are not buying consumers you already have in your database.

Once you start using your known consumer data in this way the dividends will pay off. You can also begin to measure your impact at retail, but we will save that for a future blog post.