The “Viral” Nature

Viral marketing is real and effective but it is not predictable. It is well known Twitter is one of the best sources of viral news and marketing. This is an interesting article, with video’s, on how their new Vine video’s go viral. Enjoy.


Understand the “new behavior” and focus there first

One of the most innovative aspects of the iPhone was the use of the touchscreen as an interaction form factor.  I have always marveled at how Apple completely set the industry on it head by adopting the touchscreen instead of the more traditional approach adopted by all other mobile manufacturers of a keyboard with, in some cases, a trackball form factor.  The traditional approach was established by PC usage and traditional phones and was comfortable for consumers to use.  Apple, however, spend several years preparing people to use a touch navigation when they introduced the iPod and from there evolved it to what is considered today the defacto standard in smart phone navigation.

When thinking about something new or innovative it helps to focus on “what makes it new” and then training your customer to use the product then and only then add new features…this approach has worked for the new “fab four” Apple, Google, Amazon and facebook.