The most important character question

How do you understand a persons Character?


Earlier this week I came upon an interesting article on interview questions. To me it really resonated as it focused on what it called “the most important question” to understand a persons character (during an interview). The question was “Name 4 people and how you have helped their careers”. I love this question. It quickly helps to illustrate if the person is inwardly focused or focused on things other than themselves.

This question seems a sound one to use when working with people and selecting your next employee.


Take care of those around you

Let’s go back to another one of those father/son conversations. This one took place sometime my junior year of college around Thanksgiving.

My dad and I were out shopping, he was on the hunt for gifts for his employees, being a young man who “knew it all” I made some smart a$$ comment like, shouldn’t his employees be getting him something instead of him getting them something? He stopped dead in his tracks and stared at me with those penetrating eyes that all fathers (and mothers) have when they have something real important to say to their kids. He paused, let out a heavy sigh and, as he always did, quietly began to explain to me that, of all the people in his department he was the least important. Everyone on his team was vastly more valuable than he. His job was to set the direction, remove obstacles, and let his team do what they do best. He spent a good amount of time talking about the importance of leaders surrounding themselves with great people and making sure to provide their teams with the tools and support needed for them to be successful.

This is sound advice in your personal life also, surround yourself with great people, people who appreciate you for who you are and live a good life and you will be better off and happier.

Take care, enough said for tonight.