1 Million Miles Away


This is a full sized model of the James Web Space Telescope. For scale its about the size of a tennis court. Easily the coolest thing at SxSW this week. The second was a video of the Space X rocket test showing a successful take-off and landing sequence. But I will save that for another day.

This telescope is the replacement for Hubble check out the site to learn more about it. http://www.jwst.nasa.gov/index.html

Some initial thoughts this represents what we as a civilization can do when we work together. This is an international endeavor, requiring us to create new technologies to make it happen. The long term impacts of the new technologies created will influence almost all facets of our life. Candidly, yes interactive is cool and changing how we work/connect everyday, however the things that NASA does is revolutionary.

One more thing, when its done it will sit 1 million miles from earth, it needs to work right the first time because we get one shot.


A post a week

Today I will begin to post something to the blog each week. Some of the posts will be thought provoking others simply rambling. Here we go! Enjoy.

Change is constant, deal with it

Day 4 of SxSW and it has been quite exciting, exhilarating and candidly exhausting. Essentially 24×7 immersion in the tech community.

Now to the point, change happens. It’s constant, important, and effecting everything you do. You cannot stop it you must embrace it. If your company, group, family whatever cannot embrace change you will loose out.

Change happens…deal with it.

Think Time

In addition to my love for Digital I am a frequent runner.  I find running to be time for me to take a break from everything and get some good think time.  Many years during my lunch hour I started running with some work friends.  Candidly it was probably the best think time we had during the day.

I highly recommend that everyone find some time for yourself for Think Time.  Think Time is time away from it all when you can process, problem solve and focus on the important things…and if you run get in shape.

Have a great day!

Understand the “new behavior” and focus there first

One of the most innovative aspects of the iPhone was the use of the touchscreen as an interaction form factor.  I have always marveled at how Apple completely set the industry on it head by adopting the touchscreen instead of the more traditional approach adopted by all other mobile manufacturers of a keyboard with, in some cases, a trackball form factor.  The traditional approach was established by PC usage and traditional phones and was comfortable for consumers to use.  Apple, however, spend several years preparing people to use a touch navigation when they introduced the iPod and from there evolved it to what is considered today the defacto standard in smart phone navigation.

When thinking about something new or innovative it helps to focus on “what makes it new” and then training your customer to use the product then and only then add new features…this approach has worked for the new “fab four” Apple, Google, Amazon and facebook.

The Power of Focus

Focus! Frequently project or product teams will find themselves focusing on the small “wants” rather than the true “needs”. These small wants while having value over the long term will create delay and confusion and ultimately the teams will miss the opportutity in front of them because they loose Focus on what’s important.

The key to being successful is to stay Focused on those features that deliver value early and then iterate often on those “wants” that consumers truly want.