Shoot Straight

Always shoot straight, this is some advice my dad shared with me many times over.  I think the first time he said it to me I was on my back putting on a new exhaust system on my car complaining about someone who made me mad at school or some such nonsense…I’m sure you all have been there.  Anyway after I complained for what seemed like hours he stopped me and said, “son, you need to shoot straight with this person and tell them what is on your mind…once you do that you can move on and fix it.”  I sat there and stared at him in disbelief….thinking how could I do that, what would they think, what if they got mad.  All of these thoughts rolled out of my mouth with the end statement of “I just cannot do that….”.  He looked at me, took out his pipe and said, “trust me son…shoot straight with them and you will both move on to working it out.”  I was stunned, it could not be that easy….of course as a teenager I didn’t follow his advice that first time…I let it stew, fester and ultimately it was way harder to work through the issue (whatever it was) than it should have been because neither one of us would “shoot straight” with each other.  I’m pretty sure I did not actually take his advice until I was in college, and even today I struggle with “shooting straight” all the time when issues arise.

That said, the advice is sound, “Shoot straight” works and and when I use it problems really work out faster so just “Shoot straight’ with people it’s always best.



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