Simplify, its such an easy work and a simple task.  The definition of “simplify” is “to make less complex or less complicated; make plainer, easier: to simplify a problem.”  It seems like I hear a lot of talk about simplification these days yet we don’t seem to be very successful at it…why is that.

For a great example of simplification,  look no further than the Google home page.  When you go to Google it is clear what you are to do… everyone can understand the next step, its not hard….it’s simple, easy and straight forward.


So if we all want to simplify then why are we not good at it?  I think that the answer lies in the fact that we are not rewarded for simplification.  We are rewarded for things like new features, enhanced experiences, new this, new that, new something.  Making something simple is not new in fact it can counter the new. While we want to simplify we are not rewarded or incented to do so.  This holds true in our in our professional and  personal lives…in our personal lives we are rewarded for being busy because that gets recognition, being “not” busy does not garner attention and can be viewed as lazy.

To simplify we have to change our focus and goals and reward ourselves for making our products simpler to use and understand and our personal lives something we enjoy.

I encourage all of us to look for ways to simplify both your professional and personal lives, I bet you will be more success and live a happier life.


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